Call For Papers ICSCI 2025 ICSCI 2025

The International Conference on Integrating Cognitive Science and Computational Intelligence (ICSCI)

The flagship conference of the International Association of Cognitive Science and Computational Intelligence, covering Cognitive Modeling and Simulation, Neurocomputational Approaches, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Image, Speech, AI for Bioinformatics, Business intelligence and data analytics, Natural Language, Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs), etc.

ICSCI 2025 is the 1st event of the processing series and it provides a great opportunity to nurture new ideas and collaboration for students, academics, and industry researchers.

ICSCI-2025 will cover the following six tracks:

Main Conference Highlights

Prospective authors are invited to submit their papers in ICSCI-2025.

Submission and Review
Publication: The Proposal submitted is under Review in LNCS

ICSCI-2025 will follow a double-blind review process. Authors can include their names and affiliations in the manuscript. Also, the authors can submit their arXiv papers in ICSCI-2025